The Truth About Gemini

Each month, Astara reveals the inner lives and deepest feelings of each Astrological sign, with her own unique angle on how the stars affect us all, especially her friends. Life, Friendship, Work, Sex – nothing is off limits! Remember, it’s not just Astrology… it’s AstaraOlogy!

May 20- June 21
Gemini is the third astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Gemini.

Gemini females are typically highly motivated women; not afraid to jump through all kinds of obstacles and put in the extra million+ hours of work to obtain a coveted goal. Their ideal schedule would be a perfect mix of a busy social and work lives.

Gemini females will typically embrace a “work-hard, play hard” mentality, combining their work-a-holic tendencies with an air of laughter and lightness. They tend to prefer more simple and innocent fun rather than hard-core drug or party scenes. Though one of my good Gemini friends from college, Steph, lived off of Monster energy drinks, homework, and laughing away while working her ass off in our psychology research lab. She would then also be the same person caught on a Friday night who would drink 5 beers before 10:00 pm, then walk around Philadelphia stealing flowers from the gardens of the old people who lived by the college’s campus. So you never know.

They love to travel, be “on the go,” and they truly gain an intensity from life that many others do not get to experience. Always able to see the positive side of things, even though their outward demeanor may exude a cynical and sarcastic style. Though they prefer to avoid confrontation, they will and are very good at speaking their minds.

In relationships, Gemini women are typically serial-long-time-relationship girls. They gain much of their pleasure in their life from their partners, and are expert at finding men who can cope with their hectic work schedule and lifestyle.

Gemini men are typically shy, even awkward at times, but they can be extremely engaging when you get to know them. They are usually adorable and charming, and this typically overshadows their more reserved qualities.

For example, my Uncle Michael is always reserved at family parties and tends to stumble over his words a bit, especially when front and center of attention. However, he’s so darn adorable and kind that this is never a problem for him. They can be the silliest of all people! They certainly have a certain majestic and child-like quality about them that makes them fun and care-free to be around. My friend Nick can always be caught with a bag of Funions, a huge grin on his face, and a go-with-the-flow, fun loving attitude. He is incomparable in terms of his love for laughter and silly antics.

Gemini males can definitely be straight WEIRD-Os. They certainly have their fair share of oddities, unfulfilled desires, and extremely unique views on life. I once had a professor who was a Gemini and went by the name “Cosmo;” he told me that, after extensive research on our galaxy, he was certain that life was actually shaped in two perpendicular lines instead of a circular reduction. Gemini!

Extremely passionate and loving sexually; they prefer dominant females and love to be teased and played with. You will typically find a Gemini ready to mingle, rather than being in a long-standing monogamous relationship.

However, Gemini males need to be aware of their tendency to over-indulge in “downer drugs;” they are attracted to these drugs to escape their darker and more depressed side which they will rarely, if ever, show to another human being.